Baby Does Not Need that $1,000 Crib

Babies spend most of their sleeping once they are finally here. And, even though you have that super cute nursery with the beautiful crib with the matching crib sets, baby will probably not sleep there, or even in his own room.

So, where will baby sleep?

On you. In your arms. In your bed. And sometimes, if you’re lucky to get him to sleep at all, in a bassinet…as close to you as possible.

We did not buy a crib until our son was nearly four months old, and even then, he hated it and rarely used it. We co-slept for seven months, and only then did we need to get him in his own crib, but I’ll save that for another post.

So what does baby actually need? Love. Lots and lots and lots of love. Baby won’t remember that expensive crib, or fancy nursery chandelier. He will remember the love you gave him, and the interaction during play time.

When looking at what to buy for baby, minimal is probably your best bet. Most of the furniture items you can buy will likely end up being more for you than the baby. Changing tables are nice, but I used ours about five times (as an actual changing table). I lucked out and found a changing table that doubled as a bookshelf/storage unit, and he can grow with it.

Here’s what I found to be the necessities (for a newborn–as baby gets older, the list modifies):

  • Diapers, wipes, burp cloths, simple clothes
  • A small basket or caddy for moving diapers and wipes around (like I said, I barely actually used the changing table
  • Blankets for swaddling or play
  • Swaddlers (different from swaddling blankets)
  • Nursing pillow
  • Washcloths and mild soap
  • Noise machine
  • Swing
  • Some small storage for diapers, wipes, clothes, etc.
  • Small portable hamper
  • A changing pad
  • A small bath tub…I really liked this one
  • A big water bottle (for you)

You can also add bottles and a breast pump to this list, but I found that 1) I didn’t respond to pumping, and 2) my son did not like bottles, so I don’t consider them to be necessities. Rocking chairs are also nice, and for some a necessity, but we survived without it for about six months, using the recliner and some swaying on the couch. And, of course, a few toys and stuffed animals are extremely helpful for developing play and interaction.

What’s on your baby necessity list?

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