20 Birth Affirmations to Keep you Focused and Give You Strength

What in the world is a birth affirmation?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Simply, a birth affirmation is a word or sentence that gives a woman 1) something to focus on during labor and contractions, 2) strength and confidence to get her through labor and contractions, and 3) inspiration and excitement to experience birth and see her child.

So, here are 20 simple birth affirmations that you can use, or modify to your preference, for when you are focusing on getting through labor and birth.

  1. “My body was made to do this.”
  2. “Each surge brings my baby closer to me.”
  3. “Calm. Relaxed. In control.”
  4. “Women all over the world are birthing with me. I am not alone.”
  5. “I soften. I open. I release.”
  6. “I am excited to give birth and see my baby.”
  7. “I trust my instincts, and follow my body’s signals.”
  8. “I am not afraid.”
  9. “I am strong.”
  10. “My baby and I are one. I choose to create peace within me and around me.”
  11. “I choose to relax and work with my body.”
  12. “I embrace the wisdom of my body.”
  13. “Good and strong contractions help bring my baby into this world.”
  14. “I have courage, faith, and patience that my baby will be born when he is ready.”
  15. “My body opens, my mind quiets, and my baby descends.”
  16. “I am focused on my calm, gentle birth.”
  17. “Even though I feel overwhelmed, I can do this.”
  18. “My body knows how to give birth, and I will let it.”
  19. “I decide how to feel during pregnancy and birth. I choose to feel vibrant, healthy, and beautiful.”
  20. “My body and my baby are the perfect team.”

These are just a few examples. Birth affirmations can literally be anything that brings you peace, comfort, relaxation, inspiration, confidence, strength, courage, and ease through your labor and birth. You can say them over and over, read them to yourself, have someone say them with you, say them in your head (though I think saying them out loud has a greater effect, but it’s what works for you), say them quietly, say them loudly…and the list goes on. 

It is also important to remember that labor and birth are not always completely predictable. A healthy pregnancy does not mean complications won’t arise during labor. When thinking of what birth affirmations are inspiring to you, try to keep in mind that these are to help you focus on labor and meet your baby. Keep an open mind in the moment–it may even help you feel more relaxed if you have an open mind.

Labor and birth are beautiful and powerful events that bring you to meeting your baby whom you’ve waited for for so long. Why take a passive approach? Own it!

Did you have any birth affirmations to help with labor and contractions? What were they?

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