Coping with Morning Sickness

I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone who said they didn’t mind morning sickness. It’s truly one of the worst parts of pregnancy, and may even feel like it goes on forever. Luckily for us, it doesn’t.

Why do we experience morning sickness?
In order to better cope with an illness, we typically try to first understand it. Unfortunately, the one actual cause of morning sickness isn’t actually known. The medical community isn’t 100% percent sure what morning sickness actually is or why it occurs, other than the fact that it is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. However, according to Healthline, there are several factors that can attribute to morning sickness, such as increased hormone levels and reduced blood sugar. Morning sickness also seems to be more prevalent in those who are expecting multiples, are more stressed, and are more fatigued.

How do we cope with morning sickness?
And, herein lies the question of all questions. While we can try to manage morning sickness, that doesn’t mean we won’t experience it and it won’t be unenjoyable. Some women can experience a significant increase in relief trying one thing, and another may experience no relief, or even feel worse, doing the same thing. A woman may even have multiple experiences with morning sickness between different pregnancies. It’s all about finding what works for you.

What can we do to manage morning sickness?
As mentioned before, every woman (and, really, every pregnancy) is different. What works for some may not work for you, and vice versa. However, as with many ailments, there are natural, easy measures we can take to either prevent or reduce the discomfort associated with morning sickness.

Different from acupuncture, acupressure applies light, direct pressure to different pressure points of your body, called meridians. Acupressure works best with mild nausea, as opposed to acupuncture which helps relieve some more severe nausea. The theory behind acupressure is that it can restore the correct direction of energy flow, and thus help your body work through the discomfort.

Ginger has actually shown to increase relief of morning sickness. There are also several ways one can ingest ginger, making it work for a variety of different women. Some women have enjoyed making a ginger tea, by simply using freshly grated ginger in hot water. Others prefer ginger sodas, such as ginger ale. Another great on-the-go ginger treat is ginger candy, or crystallized ginger, which can be eaten or sucked on, depending on how much you like (or can stand) ginger.

Stay Hydrated
We underestimate the value of drinking water regularly. By sipping, not chugging, water throughout the day, the body stays hydrated and reduces any more severe morning sickness. Another great way to stay hydrated, if water won’t stay down, is drinking different fruit juices or drinks, such as apple juice (which also helps keep your blood sugar stable), or even frozen juice popsicles. Gatorade is also an option, as it contains electrolytes, but be sure to try juice first, as it is healthier.

*Disclaimer: Although these methods have been shown to be effective, it is still always best to talk to your and your baby’s health care provider to discuss the safest, healthiest, and most effective treatments for any ailments.*

There are plenty of natural ways of coping with morning sickness that have been proven effective. Though, keep in mind, not all of them work for each woman. Find what works for you, even if that means you have to eat the same thing for all three meals for a month. Be sure to talk with your doctor about preventative measures that can be taken, and when can be done to help with morning once it does arrive. If you happen to be one of those very lucky women who doesn’t experience morning sickness, be sure you still stay hydrated and stay healthy!

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